We are a pioneering global firm in the planning and design of actions to promote the tourism sector. With extensive experience in managing public relations, advertising, strategic communication, crisis issues, organization of events and business promotion at the state, national and international level.

We are the only Mexican agency affiliated with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the United Nations agency responsible for promoting responsible, sustainable and accessible tourism for all, contributing to economic growth, inclusive development and environmental sustainability, and offers leadership and support to the sector to expand its tourism knowledge and policies around the world. We are also members of PRORP, the Mexican Association of Public Relations Professionals and AMAV CDMX, the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies in Mexico City.

The Euroamerica Group client portfolio includes private companies and public entities, national and international, that operate in various areas of society from the tourism sector to the financial sector.

Professional Experience

Our purpose

At Euroamerica Group we always look for a solution to the challenges that exist today, we are the best ally to effectively link the Mexican market with South America, North America, Europe and Asia. We focus on providing a comprehensive response to the needs of our clients, and our principles are based on confidentiality, efficiency and responsibility.


Euroamérica Team


Founding Partner and President

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Partner and CEO

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International Fairs Manager

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Europe Manager

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USA & Canada Manager

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México and Sudamerica Manager

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Years of Experience



Solutions and Services

Tell us your story - We create the strategy - You propose the idea – This is how we do it

01. Public Relations

Our services generate credibility and trust, establishing strategies with concrete results.

02. Attention at fairs and exhibitions

To be successful at a fair, products or services that are consolidated nationally or internationally are required.

03. MICE Tourism

Business and Event Tourism Services, a growing sector today.

04. Digital Marketing

Design and Implementation of advertising strategies in digital media

05. Strategic Information

We design and develop effective analysis and information products for decision making.

06. Editorial Production

Area composed of a team of reporters, editors, editors and designers with great capacity and modern vision



Multimedia Content

Institutional Video

We are a pioneering global firm in planning and designing promotional actions for the tourism sector. with extensive experience in managing public relations.

Success Case - Pueblos Mágicos

Euroamerica Group was the company selected to design, build and coordinate the "Pueblos Magicos Fair” of Puebla 2015, Queretaro 2016, Nuevo Leon 2017 and Michoacan 2018.

Pueblos Mágicos Barcelona 2022

Euroamérica Group was the company in charge of the "First Pueblos Mágicos International Fair" in 2022, in Barcelona Spain

Success Cases

Quito Tourism Board


Our objective was directed to strengthen, increase and consolidate the presence of the city of Quito as a tourist destination in the markets of North America.

Pueblos Mágicos


We design and coordinate the “Pueblos Magicos Fair” of Puebla 2015, Queretaro 2016, Nuevo Leon 2017 and Michoacan 2018

Los Cabos Tourism Board

Los Cabos

Public relations agency for South America, with the aim of positioning Los Cabos as a preferential destination in the Colombian market.

Guanajuato Tourism Board


Public relations agency for the markets of Japan and Colombia, our objective is to increase the stay and expenses at the destination



We carry out a direct communication strategy with the people in the city of Monterrey, as well as media management



Nuestro trabajo consistió en la elaboración de una estrategia de participación con los pobladores utilizando, previo acuerdo y convencimiento a los líderes de la comunidad.

International Expansion

With this transformation, the services of the Euroamerica Group were optimized and allow us now to meet the needs of all its clients and friends with opportunity. Today Euroamerica Group has its own offices in Mexico City, Madrid Spain, Bogota Colombia and Miami United States. Also, has formed a group of commercial partners in Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, China, Japan and United Arab Emirates. Has successfully participated serving clients in the 25 international tourism fairs that exist today all over the world. Euroamerica has provided consulting services and strategy design to a significant number of public and private institutions. And has promoted important tourist destinations around the world.

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